NEW!! Canvas Templates For ProSelect: Single & Multiple Designs!

Canvas Templates: Single Canvases and Wall Series!

Canvas Wall gallery templates for ProSelect that you can actually size up or down and and canvas wall series templates you can show in actual size!

The common problem with the conventional ProSelect wall gallery templates is that they are designed with cartoon/vector art furniture to show scale, yes, but photographers cannot show the wall gallery on their clients wall or on a projection screen in actual size. Plus the images are small inside the template and difficult to see. Now you can!

  1. All single canvas templates are scale-able up or down in size.
  2. Single Canvas templates come in ev ery aspect ratio AND with image wrap borders AND colored borders.
  3. Styles are included so you can change the colors of single canvas wrap borders.
  4. All templates can be flipped and rotated.
  5. They can be shown in “Select A Size” in actual size on a projection screen.
  6. They can be shown on your clients wall in actual size using “Working With Rooms” on any display (laptop, TV or projection).
  7. Over 60 templates compatible with ProSelect 2011r2 or later. With the ability to flip and rotate them, you receive over 100 different configurations.
  8. Formatted as a .tpk file so double clicking will instantly load the templates into your ProSelect software. Ready to use.

Wall series templates can be “broken apart” and arranged as a completely custom gallery for your clients specific space. You can also add composites or additional framed templates to create a unique look for EVERY client!

*Room images are NOT included with this purchase, however several free ones are offered on the Time Exposure site. You may also purchase a set there for about $40 US.

Price : $139
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