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Newborn Photography: How To Make Baby Smile

While we never guarantee a smile during a newborn photography session, sometimes we’re lucky enough to capture what we like to think is baby’s first photographed grin. Some might say it’s gas or a newborn reflex that is physical and in no way social or emotional, but we’re quite happy calling it a real, true…

Emery | Newborn

Newborn baby photography. Every day is a fresh slate, a clean canvas, a new beginning. It’s joyful, rich and so rewarding. To meet a new family who has welcomed a brand new baby into the world, just days after mom has given birth taken new baby home, it’s an experience we can’t quite put into words….

NEW! Love Notes Client Gift

Because we believe there is nothing better than a printed photograph, we are excited to announce a new special gift for our clients who purchase high-resolution digital files as part of ‘Create Your Own Collection‘. Introducing “Love Notes”! When you purchase high-resolution digital files from your Jewel Images newborn photography session as part of ‘Create Your…