The Proposal

Oh how I ruined this one! LOL

Soooooo, I knew it was coming. The big question. I knew it was SUPPOSED to happen by the end of 2008. However, my impatience and persistence doesn’t always go in my favor!

Of course, Christmas is a classic time to propose. Well, Christmas Eve came and Christmas Eve went. Ugh.  Christmas Day came and Christmas Day went. Ugh.

Ok….so my birthday is three days after Christmas. That’s when it will happen. I’m sure of it. So Rob and I decide to head to the beach house for my birthday weekend. Sunday morning (my birthday) arrives and Rob asks me, “So what do you want to do today?”

“There’s no plan?” I ask.

“Whatever you want to do, hun. It’s your day.”

Well, hummmph. So I decide I want to make cupcakes for my birthday. I run to the store, come home and make cupcakes. Yum. Looking forward to those later.

After hanging out in the house ALL day I suggest a walk on the beach with dogs. We walk. There’s a big log. Rob suggests we sit on the log. OMG! Perfect. He’s going to propose!

We sit. 1 minute goes by. 2 minutes…..ok let’s keep walking he says. Grrrr!

Back at the house, I suggest a drive down to Cape Foul Weather. Once again, when we go there it was THE perfect place to pop the question. Huge cliff overlooking the ocean. Crashing waves, romance!

No proposal.

At this point, I’m convinced it is NOT going to happen and I am grumpy. Rob asks me where I want to eat dinner. After all, he hasn’t planned ANYTHING. Oooo! I was so frustrated. We approached the Bay House in Lincoln City on our way back and I suggest we stop there. It’s my birthday and darn it, if I’m not getting a proposal then I want  a nice dinner!

It was a lovely dinner. And boy did I push the envelope. I was so fed up, I point blank asked Rob, “So when do you want to get married?”
He replies,

“Whenever you want, honey.”

“I want to get married in the Fall.”

“Ok.” He says.

“Well you have to ask me first, you know,” I demanded.

“Let’s just get through dinner.”

Humph…..Oooo! Grrrr…..

It was finally time for dessert, but it took a LOT of convincing for me to even order dessert. After all, I had homemade cupcakes at home and I was feeling extraordinarily stubborn! I finally agreed and the waiter arrives with a hot fudge sundae and a plate with a Tiffany’s box on it.

OMG….my heart is POUNDING.

Tifanny’s. But wait. It’s not the RIGHT size box. It’s not tall and skinny like a ring box, but short and squat like a bracelet box. The confusion sets in.

I say in disbelief, “You didn’t. You did? No. You didn’t get my ring at Tifanny’s did you?”

“Oh hunny, it’s not what you think.” My heart sank like a stone. (He’s not proposing.)

“Why would you do that? Why would you buy me something at Tiffany’s when you KNOW all I want is YOU!!!!” I wail.

“Just open the damn box,” he replies with a soft chuckle as the tears start to well up in me.

I open the box.

Inside…..was this.

And then Rob proposed.

It has not left my neck since. Boy, did he “get” me on that one. And oh how I love him so.