How We Met

June 2006-Julia’s house

One of my dear friends was moving into my basement at the time. Turns out her boyfriend’s best friend is Rob. Rob, being the gentleman that he is offered to help Eisha move her belongings into my basement. That’s how Rob and I first laid eyes on each other. I remember a few months earlier, Elisha kept telling me I HAD to meet Rob, but it took 5-6 months to actually happen. When it finally did, we were both a bit shy about it. LOL!I remember him stealing looks at me as he and Toby dragged that huge sofa downstairs. Of course, I was stealing the exact same glances! I think it was the one time in Robs life when moving someone else’s stuff wasn’t such a chore.

Over the course of the month of June, Rob and I “hung out” with Elisha and Toby along with their friends, boating on the Willamette River. Every Wednesday the group would get together and relax in the summer evening sun. And every Wednesday, Rob and I would chat. Pretty soon, we would only chat with each other and no one else! Finally, the last Wednesday in June as we pulled the boats out of the water and packed up, Rob came over to say goodbye. Yes, he kissed me. Softly, and shyly. Although, he will argue to this day that I kissed HIM. Who cares! It was the start of something so sweet and wonderful—a summer romance that blossomed into four years of deep love, and now a lifetime of joy.