The Wedding Is Booked!

We are so excited to finally have a plan for upcoming wedding. After much discussion and pouring over our budget, we realized our dream (and the most feasible option)was to run away somewhere fabulous and tie the knot. So, Playa Del Carmen, here we come!

We will be married May 13th, 2010 at the Gran Porto Real Resort and Spa. I just got the wedding contract today and we’ll be signing it and sending it off tomorrow! We hope everyone we love will come with us, but we know that’s not always feasible. So, we have also planned a barbecue house warming party on June 19th after we return. Rob and I are about to close on our “new” home, and we will be thrilled to share it with our family and friends who could not make it to Mexico.

We’ve got a lot on our plates in the next three months–a wedding, honeymoon and a house to remodel. Phew! We hope to see you in Mexico!

—J & R

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