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Meet Scoop! I LOVE this dog so much! She is a miniature Schnauzer and let me tell you…What a PERSONALITY!!She’ll bark at you ALL DAY LONG! But she’s all bark and absolutely no bite! It’s funny because everytime I show up at this clients house, Scoop does her dog-gone best to make sure I KNOW…

More Studio Fun

Yeah, I kinda like this guy, huh? Rob and I fooled around in the studio the other night and I just couldn’t help, but post! Ok, this one cracks me up! Whoa…sliding stop! Until Next Time,—J

Winston’s 10 minutes….

So I was in the studio trying to photograph some albums for my new product guide and my beloved Labradoodle, Winston, decided the backdrop was a perfect spot for his nap! What a goof! I LOVE my dog. He is such a sweetheart. Aren’t animals great?This first one below is called a storyboard (Click to…


Jewel Images will be closed from April 7th through April 15th. I will return all phone calls and e-mails on Monday April 16th. Any orders placed after Wednesday April 4th will not be sent to the lab until after April 16th.Thanks! —J