Alivia | 8 Months Old

We love it when baby planners come to visit. We forge such a strong bond with baby and family during their newborn photography session, we get so excited when they decide to sign up for a baby plan because then we know we will see them again soon and be able to watch them grow!

Case in point, little miss Alivia. She was actually here today for her 1-year cake smash session and so we thought it was the perfect day to look back and post a few photos from her 8-month appointment. As always, it’s wonderful to see their little personalities develop and this sweet girl is no exception! She has two big sisters that love her dearly, and they have so much fun watching her model for us. We hope these images of Alivia at 8-months-old will be the perfect addition to her family photography collection. We can’t wait to share the images from her cake smash today — coming soon!

Want to see Alivia in her newborn photos? Take a look at her newborn photography session taken almost one year ago. Time flies, it really does!





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Newborn Photography: How To Make Baby Smile

While we never guarantee a smile during a newborn photography session, sometimes we’re lucky enough to capture what we like to think is baby’s first photographed grin. Some might say it’s gas or a newborn reflex that is physical and in no way social or emotional, but we’re quite happy calling it a real, true smile. Because, what’s sweeter and more memorable than a newborn baby smiling at just a few days old?

We like to think we’ve mastered the art of capturing baby smiles. We’ve seen more than a few and after years of taking baby photos, there are a few tricks we have up our sleeve to help the grinning process move along. Of course, it often happens on a whim and with a great deal of patience and attention, but these 4 tricks sometimes result in the sweetest of baby smiles!

Family Photography How to Make Baby Smile in Newborn Photos

4 Ways to help encourage baby’s first “smile”

1. Gently blow light air around their face. Sometime the little tickle of air will encourage a little grin to appear!

2. Ever so slightly, tickle around the baby’s cheeks and very gently encourage one corner of the lip upwards. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the rest of the mouth will smile along.

3. Gently whisper in baby’s ear – this seems to be most successful when it’s mom’s voice, so sometimes we invite the mother over to the shooting area for some sweet whispers in the ear. If the photo is of mom and baby, especially in Prayer Pose, it can work quite well!

4. Be patient and wait for the right cycle of sleep. Babies’ REM sleep cycle (the light, easily disturbed sleep) is relatively short and they tend to smile when they’re entering and exiting this stage of sleep. Pay attention and you can recognize some of the signs. Baby will start to breathe a bit heavier. Their eyes will move back and forth behind their closed eyelids. Often baby will frown, grimace, even pinch their lips a bit. All of these slight facial movements indicate baby is about to enter or exit that cycle of sleep and a smile may be very near!

Again, we never guarantee that baby will gift us with such a sweet grin, but when they do, well, we think it’s pretty magical. Here are some of our favorites. Want to see more Baby Smiles? Check out our Baby Smiles Pinterest board!

Newborn Photography How to Make Baby Smile in Newborn Photos
Newborn Photography How to Make a Baby Smile in Newborn Photos
A sweet newborn grin. | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Hi there smiling baby! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

And then, if you’re really lucky, this might happen. Wink, wink!

Baby Giving a Peace Sign Newborn Photography



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  • July 16, 2015 - 5:25 pm

    Chaya braun - OMG! These are just too cute for words!

  • July 23, 2015 - 10:22 am

    Dawn - I came across this great little article on Pinterest! I think I need to try some of these tips and see if I can get some of my babies to smile during their newborn sessions. Thanks for sharing, Julia :-)

Emery | Newborn

Newborn baby photography. Every day is a fresh slate, a clean canvas, a new beginning. It’s joyful, rich and so rewarding. To meet a new family who has welcomed a brand new baby into the world, just days after mom has given birth taken new baby home, it’s an experience we can’t quite put into words. We’re so thankful for all of the families that visit us here in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Our photography studio is a place of peace, comfort and happy memories. We really are the luckiest kids on the block!

Baby Emery and her family recently came in for newborn photography and we’ve been so excited to share the final images with you. Emery was such a sweet, sleeping baby for us, and we had the best time capturing her new baby smile, her sweet little dimples and, because we believe the color is just as pretty on baby girls as it is on baby boys, a soft and beautiful photograph of her in baby blue. Mom and dad were wonderful too, and their excitement for welcoming this first new baby into their lives was so incredible to see!

Congratulations baby Emery and family! We hope you enjoy these newborn photographs for generations to come!


Hi there smiling baby! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages
A baby girl in blue. Nothing sweeter | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages
Oh my! I’m too cute! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages
Baby wrapped gently, gorgeous simplicity | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages
Baby bubbles | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages



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NEW! Love Notes Client Gift

Because we believe there is nothing better than a printed photograph, we are excited to announce a new special gift for our clients who purchase high-resolution digital files as part of ‘Create Your Own Collection‘.

Introducing “Love Notes”! When you purchase high-resolution digital files from your Jewel Images newborn photography session as part of ‘Create Your Own Collection’, we will gift you with a beautiful wooden box that includes a set of 4×6 prints of every image from your session. Also in the box will be a USB drive with your purchased digital files. This box will be ready and waiting for you at your viewing and ordering appointment, so no matter what additional prints, albums or canvases you decide to order, you will leave the studio that day with printed images and a very special place to keep them.

We will also give you a set of 24 birth announcements with your baby’s name, birth statistics, and a love message welcoming new baby to the world. The set will use two images from your session, which we will choose during your viewing and ordering appointment.

We know how important this time of life is and we want to celebrate it with you. So please accept this “Love Note” from Jewel Images to your family!

Special gift from Jewel Images Love Notes proof box and birth certificates |




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  • July 10, 2015 - 10:02 am

    Beckie Sibley - You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and dedication to service. I admire you and your awesome team!