Sookie is a Cutie! | Newborn Photography

We love it when a brand-new baby shows us a ridiculously cute expression! Case in point, little miss Sookie. We just can’t get over the wink/yawn she gave us!

As you likely know as well, we love baby toes. We love baby toes much we devoted an entire Pinterest board to them. There’s something so incredibly special about baby toes. They’re so tiny and precious, so authentically baby-licious and delightful. One look at a set of baby toes and you’re guaranteed to smile bright and big! And someday, when baby Sookie is big and her feet have grown strong enough to support her first steps and beyond, mom and dad will count themselves very lucky to be able to look back and remember just how lovely it was to tickle and play with her toes when they were at their very tiniest.

From the look of their very first family photo though, mom and dad already know exactly how lucky they are.

A baby yawn! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon #newbornphotography #babyphotos #jewelimages
Sweet and beautiful | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon #newbornphotography #babyphotos #jewelimages

Tiny baby toes! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon #newbornphotography #babyphotos #jewelimages
Sweet baby lips | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon #newbornphotography #babyphotos #jewelimages
Joy, family, new beginnings | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon #newbornphotography #babyphotos #jewelimages



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Julia Earns Prestigious Awards at #IPCLive

If you’re a PPA print competition fanatic like we are, you may already know the news because you’ve been watching the live stream of International Photographic Competition, #IPCLive. In case you haven’t been glued to your computers, big news! Julia earned Diamond Photographer of the Year and Platinum Master Artist! She also qualifies for Master Artist Degree which will be awarded at Imaging USA in January 2016.

Funny enough, Julia herself has not been glued to her computer screen for the live judging because she is on vacation with her family and friends, and her refurbished Airstream. She did get the news about her achievements however, and well, she’s excited, deservedly so! 


While we can’t share the titles or images that went Loan just yet, we can tell you a bit about the distinctions she achieved.

What is International Photographic Competition?

International Photographic Competition (IPC) is an annual competition put on by Professional Photographers of America (PPA). There are many reasons to enter your work in IPC, however, most photographers get very excited about the thought of 1) competing with highly skilled and incredibly creative photographers from around the globe, 2) participating in the IPC can help you earn your PPA Degree, and 3) if your image(s) go “Loan” they will be published in the annual Loan Collection book and exhibited at Imaging USA among the work of some of the very best in the world.

What is the Loan Collection Book?

The collection book of professional photography is a presentation of four-color reproductions of the exceptional images judged as examples of excellence, worthy of merit and eligible for exhibit as part of PPA’s annual “Loan Collection.”

“The Loan Book represents a selection of the best images submitted in Professional Photographers of America International Photographic Competition. Congratulations to all the image makers whose work is represented here as the Best of the Best!” -Quote from Susan Michal, past president PPA

Julia will have 7 images in the 2015 Loan Collection Book.

What is Diamond Photographer of the Year?

Diamond Photographers of the Year had all four competition images accepted into the PPA Loan Collection.

What is Platinum Master Artist?

Platinum Artist Medalists had three images from the Master Artist category included in the PPA Loan Collection and one image in PPA’s General Collection.

How can I watch the live stream?

The 2015 IPC is being live streamed August 3-6. If you are a PPA member with a log-in, you can watch the judging live as it happens. (Just be sure to clear your day first because you’ll get nothing else done!) You can log in and watch here.

Please join us in sending Julia a “Cheers to you” as she celebrates her art and hard work on the shores of a beautiful Oregon lake. CONGRATULATIONS JULIA!






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  • August 5, 2015 - 3:46 pm

    Stephanie - Julia,

    What a spectacular accomplishment. Great job! You deserve it. All the hard work does pay off.

    Thank you for continuous inspiration for pushing to work harder. And set goals and they will happen with the hard work put in.

    Hugs and congrats again.

  • August 5, 2015 - 4:36 pm

    Beckie Sibley - Congratulations on achieving extraordinary success. You are the BEST!

  • August 5, 2015 - 4:51 pm

    Sara Beaudoin - Hello Julia, Congratulations for all of your success.

  • August 5, 2015 - 11:03 pm

    Lorenia - I’m so proud of you .

Newborn Photography: How To Choose Images for a Temporary Home

When a new family comes to us for newborn photography, we like to ask several questions about their interior design, personal style, and overall features of their home. We want to be sure the look and design of the images will complement the family’s home so these are always important questions to ask. We also love interior design (Julia is a Joanna Gaines and Restoration Hardware addict!) so it’s a fun process for us to go through too.

We often hear from parents that they’re not sure how to answer these questions because they’re not in their “forever home.” They may be renting, or moving in the near future, or simply not yet in that home where their true style is being expressed. This is so normal at this time of life, when mom and dad are still somewhat young and emphasis is on work and raising a family, sometimes we can even forget what our true style is because life is just too busy to think about it!

Whatever your “forever home” outlook is, we want you to know, we get it. And we love helping families realize that even if you’re in a somewhat temporary situation, quality family photography, newborn photography especially, is still just as important. And we’re always happy to help get you thinking about what your style might be like one day, when that forever home is realized.

So, we want to be sure you to know… Not in your permanent home? That’s okay! A home is not about where you are. A home is about expressing the love you share for one another. What better way to do that than hang a few photos showcasing new beginnings and the love of your life, your newborn baby.

Here are some tips for selecting the best newborn photography for your home design, even if you’re not in your forever home:

1. Choose a newborn photographer who uses neutral tones and has a simple, natural aesthetic. Bright colors and fancy props can be really fun, but they tend to go in and out of style. If you stick with classic, neutral styles and a very simple aesthetic for baby, your images will stand the test of time and wavering trends in photography. And will match any home décor, whether it’s your style now or in the future. Bonus? Your beautiful newborn baby will be the star of the show.


2. Think about what your design style truly is, even if it’s not being expressed in your current home. Are you a Pottery Barn type of person? Or does Anthropologie get you giddy? If you could have your dream home today, where would the furniture be from? What color would your couch be? What finishes and fabrics would you love the most? (These are really fun questions to ask by the way, as you get to dream and discover your true style!) Start a Pinterest board if it helps you organize your thoughts. Check out Julia’s “For the Home” Pinterest board to see her personal home style.

3. Think about where you want to hang your photos and canvases. Is it for the nursery, the master bedroom, the family room? Each room has a different feeling and use, and it’s important to think about where you’d like to display the images.


4. Send us photos of a few of your rooms. We can show you exactly how the images will look on your walls. Just ask and we’ll walk you through the process!

5. If you’re really stuck and feeling unsure, or don’t have any wall space to begin with, a custom album can help highlight the majority of images from your session and look good in any room. And your children will cherish it for the rest of their lives!

Don’t let finding your forever home determine how or if you capture this incredibly important time of life. Your newborn photography will likely last much longer than that home anyway.



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Alivia | 8 Months Old

We love it when baby planners come to visit. We forge such a strong bond with baby and family during their newborn photography session, we get so excited when they decide to sign up for a baby plan because then we know we will see them again soon and be able to watch them grow!

Case in point, little miss Alivia. She was actually here today for her 1-year cake smash session and so we thought it was the perfect day to look back and post a few photos from her 8-month appointment. As always, it’s wonderful to see their little personalities develop and this sweet girl is no exception! She has two big sisters that love her dearly, and they have so much fun watching her model for us. We hope these images of Alivia at 8-months-old will be the perfect addition to her family photography collection. We can’t wait to share the images from her cake smash today — coming soon!

Want to see Alivia in her newborn photos? Take a look at her newborn photography session taken almost one year ago. Time flies, it really does!





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