Isabella Grace & Family

Isabella Grace. Such a beautiful name for this stunning baby girl. Isabella came to us at just seven days old and she stole our hearts with her sweet features, chunky cheeks and pinchable toes! One look at her gorgeous parents and you know where all that beauty came from. Her mother is from Argentina and her father is from Oregon. They say they love to celebrate different cultures, including their own, and love is an incredibly important part of their family. Such a sweet note they shared with us on their client questionnaire, Isabella’s crib was handmade for her by her grandfather…. aww!! We’re in love with just the thought of that.

Isabella’s parents really wanted photography that symbolized the love and innocence of the newborn stage. We think this is just what we created for them!


Yellow flower headband by Snassy Crafter

Mauve flower headband by Snassy Crafter

Mauve scarf by: La Faveur in Bend, Oregon

Eskimo bonnet by: Devoted Knits