CreativeLive | Sneak Peek!

You may have seen our Facebook post last week teasing Julia’s return to CreativeLive. Well, photographers, we’re here to tell you that yes! It’s true! (Insert happy dance here!) Since the moment we posted the video (which almost 13,000 of you watched) we’ve been getting amazing amounts of inquiries from photographers all over the world excited to see her teach once again on CreativeLive. And, just to note, we used Julia’s brand-new Nikon D750 to make the teaser video, and let us tell you without giving a full review — it. is. unreal! So fun and the possibilities for video are exciting, endless, amazing.

We can’t share too much right now about the upcoming CreativeLive course, but here’s what we know (mark your calendars!):

Julia will be teaching a creative class on CreativeLive December 4-6, 2014. Stay tuned for more info and how to apply to be an audience member!

While you’re here, will you let us know in the comments what you’d love to learn from Julia? She always reads everything you share and your question just might get answered on CreativeLive this December!