Shelby | 11 Days Old

It is always a great honor when fellow photographers become clients–especially when we get to photograph their first born. Byron and Wendy Roe are outstanding wedding photographers here in Central Oregon and we were so excited when they chose us to document the early days with their brand-new baby girl, Shelby!

To any photographers reading this post, be sure to scroll through them all and if you can pick out our little gag image, let us know in the comments. If you are a newborn photographer, let us know if this has happened to you! (We won’t publish this image anywhere else, and we’re only publishing it here because Byron and Wendy are photogs, too, and will surely get a chuckle!)

Welcome to the world beautiful baby Shelby! Your family is so happy that you are here! We can’t wait to see you grow.

Jewel Images 2014

Jewel Images 2014Jewel Images 2014Jewel Images 2014Jewel Images 2014Jewel Images 2014