Brynn | 7 Days Old

Every session is beautiful–and so many of our babies leave us with an incredible feeling of unending cuteness. You can often hear us squealing and swooning over images in the editing room. We really do have the best job in the world, working with newborn babies in Bend, Oregon and capturing a beautiful, fleeting time of life for families to cherish for years to come. It really doesn’t get any better! Baby Brynn came to us at 7 days old and she was already grinning and showing us signs of her adorable, sweet little personality. We love when that happens! We also loved playing with all of our newborn photography props and fabrics. It really is an art, a style that we create based on a family’s home, preferences, and the character that each newborn shows us when we meet them for the first time. Brynn was such a joy to work with and we had fun dressing her in different wraps and baskets! Which one is your favorite?


This was a Jems by Jewel Images session, shot by our Associate Photographer Tiffany Lausen, styled and posed by Julia Kelleher. Learn more about our Adorable and Affordable line of photography!