Callie & Colben | Twins | 8 Weeks Old

Twins! When a precious pair of newborn babies comes into the studio, we know we are in for a very memorable experience. Twins are unique, rare and a beautiful creation to share with the world. This fraternal twin set, Callie and Colben, weren’t quite newborns. They came to us at almost 8 weeks old and they had so much to share! A beautiful mother and father, smiles here and there, and a close connection that can be seen so clearly already at 8 weeks. Our favorite shot has to be the “Yin and Yang” in the basket. If ever there was a photograph that represented baby twins, this is it! It was a joy to get to know these beautiful babies and their parents right at the moment when life is fresh and new and full of promise. It truly is a honor to work with these families here in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We just can’t wait to see this brother and sister again soon! After spending so much time with them during their session, we really do miss them when they leave us. We want to see them grow and learn and play and show their personalities. Newborn photography really does come with some serious emotional investment! We adore our families and babies. We hope you enjoy this selection of images from this incredibly beautiful session.