Mommy Mingle | Family Access Network

During our spring event, Mommy Mingle, we partnered with Baby Phases Tot 2 Teen and Bend Moms for Moms to rally up vendor tables and get the word out to moms to come check it out! We had portrait sessions, jewelery, and of course a TON of kid-related tables. The raffle was a huge hit and through the event we raised $1,350 to donate to the Family Access Network. FAN is a great organization in Deschutes County that is able to work with through the school systems to help children in need of anything from medical care to food assistance. We met up with Molly Ryan from Baby Phases Tot 2 Teen and Sarah Daily from Bend Moms for Moms yesterday to head over to FAN’s office and hand over a check! It was so great to see the smile on their faces. We can’t wait until next year to see how this event takes off! Thanks for supporting us and our community!