Hurricane Katrina Rescue | Dog Portrait Photographer, Bend OR

So this is Shiloh. He spent 5 weeks abandoned in New Orleans and survived. What an amazing dog! He is the sweetest, most lovable creature. This was mom’s favorite image. Apparently, this is the dance he does every day when mom and dad come home from work! They brought him in with siblings Eloise and Miso for a portrait shoot the other day. It was so fun capturing these adorable pooches. Their mom and dad are truly advocates for animal rescue and got all three of them from the Humane Society. Eloise only has one eye! I wish some people were as happy-go-lucky as dogs. We’d be a lot nicer to be around and MUCH easier to photograph! LOL

Thanks for a great session guys!

Of course being a pug owner myself, I have a little soft spot for them. Always entertaining and always in a good mood! I absolutely LOVE Miso’s expression in the bottom portrait. She just looks so content. I hope they make your day happier today!