KGW’s Stephanie Stricklen & Baby Elle | Portland Newborn Photographer

Newborn and only 12 days old, she is precious!

Little Elle came in for her first portrait session and what an angle she was. Look at those big blue eyes! She’s sitting on daddy’s shoulder and woke up just to give me her flirty look. Oh John! Just you wait until she turns 16!


Oh and here’s Black and White because I just loooove B & W portraits.


Stephanie and her hubby are just amazing people with hearts as big as the ocean. They love this little girl like you could never imagine. If they sleep or get no sleep. It doesn’t matter. Their patience is never ending and their kindness, I marvel at.

What a beautiful family.



I love the purity of these images. The goal I had in photographing this way was to just express the simple beauty of new life. This new journey is miraculous and soul-filling for new parents. A natural, soft and emotional image was the best way I knew how to convey that. In both photographs above, the touch, the circle of the embrace, and the creamy textures helped me express what it means to be a new family, with hope and a never-ending future of love.

I know. I get sappy sometimes–a true romantic. I guess. Usually almost everything I create has meaning in my mind and I felt it appropriate to reveal that here.


And baby Elle…..little Weasel Bean….is a treasure.

Thank you Stephanie for giving me the opportunity to photograph her. It is such an honor! I hope I have created art for you that you will one day pass on to little Elle. Oh what a bright future she has!

Thank you for looking, everyone. Please comment below if you wish. I love reading and will respond!

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