Western States Print Competition Success | Portland Portrait Photographer

I won lots. Again. How cool is that?

It’s actually rather humbling.

Western States Print competition was an amazing experience and soooo much bigger than PPO! There were almost 500 prints entered from 7 states, and I took home over a dozen awards including the highest aggregate case score of the event. I also helped on the Print Committee and got to experience hands-on how the behind-the-scenes-action takes place. The Print Committee works their tails off and should be recognized for all their HARD work. Thank you!

Overall Awards:

Best Aggregate Case Score-Mixed Division (Russ Clift Trophy)

First Time Entrant Award (Alma Gray Trophy)

Alma Gray Scholarship Award

“Foster Child”-Score 79

State Merit Award, Honorable Mention (Best Portrait of a Child)


“The Weight of the World”-Score 84

-Best Portrait of Group, National PPA Seal of Approval, State Merit Award


“Destination Unknown”-Score 81

National PPA Seal Of Approval, State Merit Award


“Abandoned Dream”-Score 90

Kodak Gallery Award, Best Unclassified Commercial Image, Court of Honor, Judges Choice Award (Helen Yancy), National PPA Seal of Approval & State Merit Award.


That last image I was particulary proud of because it received the greatest honor of the competition in my opinion. To have THE Helen Yancy tag your image for the judges choice award has got to be one of the highlights of my photography career! If you are part of PPA, you know exactly who she is. Who doesn’t? Those of you who are not involved with PPA, Helen is the only person in the county to earn ALL degrees EVER offered by the Association. She heads the International Print Competition and is considered an icon in the industry. It was truly an HONOR that she loved my image so much out of so many.

Thank you to all of the many people out there who I called upon for advice and mentorship. I could NOT have done this without you. You know who you are!

On to Nationals!