Pole, Pedal, Paddle

So this weekend, I was in Bend at the annual Pole Pedal Paddle event where thousands of athletes come together to compete on Mt. Bachelor and along the Deschutes River. My guy was part of the action along with several of his co-workers.

He got stuck with the Nordic ski leg. I don’t know how he did it! After a good crash at the start, his ski snapped. He did the whole race with a broken ski.

Murphy…..the team biker and sprinter. His brand new bike…cool, eh?

Big Dan….the man who jumped to help run the long-distance leg when little Dan got a ski pole stuck in his leg (more on that later).

Paddle, paddle, paddle! Harder!!

Murphy sprinting it….

Oh an this guy? Wait….isn’t he on the other team? Yep! There were two teams from HSW builders.

Oh yeah….he did the cross country ski trek in what? 26 minutes? Whatever…stud!

And there’s little Dan. What a trooper. The first step of the first race…on the way up the hill to hop into his downhill skis for the downhill segment, some girl inadvertently jabs her ski pole into his thigh! OW!

He still managed to finish the race, but it wasn’t pretty afterwards. Medics on scene…

Of course, it didn’t help that is BLISTERINGLY hot that day. Winston is sitting on some one’s cooler ice stay stay refreshed. Poor little guy was panting all day

More dog coping…. This is Barkley.

It’s hot.

But it was a great weekend and a lot of fun. Central Oregon is so gorgeous. How could you not love it? Great job, team Lug nuts!

Until Next Time,