Thank you….

You are AMAZING!

The people of this city have been so kind and generous and thoughtful to me these past two weeks. I can’t believe the comments I have received on my blog, the flood of e-mails into KATU and the phone calls. You are all so kind. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Thank you for your encouragement and compliments. I am truly humbled.

And I can’t believe the impact my work at KATU made on all of you!I just think of me as lil ‘ol me…..nothing special. I’m just plugging along and doing my thing. When I received such warm responses and regret about my departure from KATU, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia and gratitude. You have made me feel so incredible. You made me feel like I made a difference over the last six years, and that is THE most important thing to me in the world. I love to give back. I love to make people happy. I’m so glad I was able to accomplish that at KATU.

Now, I will do it with my art. I will focus it on the importance of children, family and love. I hope the next six years can even dare to come as close as the last.

Lots of changes are coming to Jewel Images! First off we have a new look as you can already tell. Plus, there’s a little sign up box to the right here where you can sign up for our quarterly newsletter. We’ll highlight studio news and upcoming specials as well as limited edition sessions. We’re also going to be GIVING away free sessions in the coming months! So sign up for the newsletter!

We’re coming out with several new product lines, including our new Bebe Couture portrait line. We’re going to be recruiting high school seniors to help us create a senior portfolio. So if you know any Juniors who are graduating in 2009, have them contact us for a complimentary session! Our senior line will be edgy, funky and different, but also classic enough to last. Your senior year is a momentous occasion and we want you to feel like the most important person in the world….because you are.

Again, thank you everyone. I am so grateful.

Until Next Time,