New Life….

Newborns have got to be the sweetest thing on the earth. This little guy entered the world a little early, but very healthy and happy. His parents are just delightful and we had good fun photographing this little guy. He was quite patient with me considering I made a big boo-boo.
Mom and Dad arrived at the studio perfectly on time. I however, was not ready. I thought they were coming three hours later! ACK! My Bad. So, the studio was not as toasty as it normally is for my newborn clientele. As a matter of fact, it was downright considered COLD for this guy. May be not for you and I, but a little naked newborn? I felt so bad, but he was a trooper. We kept the space heaters cranked and warm towels draped over him. A warm newborn is a happy newborn.

Here are some of my favorites from the session.



Who doesn’t just LOVE baby feet? LOVE them!






Thanks for a great session guys!
Until Next Time,