Sands of Time…

Cannon Beach has a certain feel to it that is unlike any other beach. It is rustic. It is raw. It is timeless in its beauty.
This family has a beauty like that. Little “H” is but 9 months old and this place is very special to his parents. I had the honor of photographing them while they were here on a four day weekend holiday from Seattle. I showed up slightly early for the shoot and woke up poor “H” from his nap. He didn’t like that too much! Oops. I mean how would you feel if you were deep in slumber and the phone jolts you awake. Yeah…you know what I’m talking about! Stinks doesn’t it? So I could hardly blame the poor guy for being a bit grumpy with me at the beginning of the session. However, by the end, he was all smiles.

Here’s taste of what we did that day. Thanks for a great session guys!







For those of you waiting for session viewing appointments, thank you for your patience. I am still out of town, but working while I am away. I will return Sept 28th and be ready for many of you when I return.

Until next time,