How does one keep up with a kid(s)?

This is session was such a blast!


I have worked with this family before when “J” was just a year old. Now mom is pregnant again with TWINS!!!



And “J” is as cute as ever and as MOBILE as ever! Ok I have kept with some toddlers and then I have kept up with some TODDLERS!!!


“J” is all over the place LOL! The stairs, of course are her favorite. Mom helps her down the front steps and then once she gets loose? It’s off to the neighbors house. Why? Cause her best friend “Q” lives there (just photographed “Q” today…look for that post soon!)! Oh my gosh it was so cute. And of course, Mom and I are in tow!



Here’s a sneak peak of the maternity session and of darling little 18 month old “J”. She is soon to be older sister to twin boys! How exciting!