Adopting Love….

In my opinion, part of life is to give back. So, I work with a national orgainization called Celebrating Adoption. It’s a group of photographers from all over the country who donate part or all of their services to families who have adopted a child within the last 12 months. The goal is promote adoption for all the millions of children across the world who need loving homes and of course, to celebrate the parents who so willingly take in children as their own.
Well, meet “Q”.
This little girl was a handful! So cute and full of energy……but oh the smiles!



And when it comes time to stand up? Well, lets bounce instead!


The session was going along great….


….But then….”Q” decided she’d had enough. I LOVE this shot!!! Awww baby!


What a great, fun day!
Thanks to this beautiful and special family.

Until Next Time,