Sibling Bonds…

There are some session where you know it’s going to be an “it” session the minute the client walks in. What do I mean by “it”? These are the sessions where the magic happens. The connection between photogrpaher and subjects becomes almost palpable and as an artist, I know the images will sing their own song. They have an “it” quality that comes only when all the pieces are in place. I have to do nothing, but show them.
So here you are.

“M” and “A”…brother and sister; Siblings who have a bond already so intense, it defies logic. And even though they tease, prod and giggle at one another, the protective spirit between them runs deep. Blood is thick….isn’t it? Thanks for the great session you two. You shine bright.





I’m up to my ears in proofing. Four sessions to get done this week!
Watch for more blogging!
Until next Time,