Almost a Teenager

Remember what it was like to be twelve? You wanted to be thirteen sooo badly. That ache for the suffix “teen” on the back end of your age. It was so important, such a milestone. It seemed like the only thing you thought about on a constant basis, well other than boys–oh and the fact that you really wanted to be 16.

Oh how I love 12 year olds! Not quite a woman…still a little girl, but growing up so fast! “M” is an impeccable young lady. She is polite. She is beautiful. She is sweet. And oh that smile! She can knock your socks off with that grin of hers. She “claims” to not have a crush on a boy at the moment. Does she? I believe her. This young woman is bright and ambtious. Who has time for boys when you have the world at your feet?

Photographing her was a delight, and she is now a permanent part of my professional portfolio. Can a photographer ask for better than this? I don’t think so. Stay sweet, “M!” You are humble and gracious, qualities to be envied!

Woooheee! Hot chica!! Watch out mom and dad…she’s going to be a looker! Heck, she already is!

Until Next Time,