Color Fun & Studio News!

K’s proofs? Wow, did they turn out great! I have been fooling around with color, and had a little fun with her images. A special client, she loves it when I get the creative juices flowing and give her something a little edgier and different. This woman loves to have fun. The two of them are just divine, aren’t they?

K is sooo cute. She got this great outfit at Jerry Rice in dowtown Portland, so she wants to bring in these shots in to the store to show them off. Nice to have great friends, huh?

So…in the meantime, our website is now under heavy construction and should be out soon. I can’t wait! Stay tuned! Plus, we are launching a new line of services. Jewel Images is going to have a specialty pet portrait division! Pricing details and special promotions will be out soon.
So if you are thinking of that special memory of Fido you want treasured. Stay Tuned!

Until Next Time,